UltraFire made valve mounted UltraFire C309 XM-L U2 flashlight [1300 lumen] [AAA batteries or 18650] manufacturer direct imports

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žž UltraFire made recent valve fixed UltraFire C309 XM-L U2 žž Ÿ UltraFire common import retail outlets: the March Hare “LED bulb” UltraFire XM-L U2 valve (nominal worth: 1300 lumens) ¦ UltraFire recent valve / “Measurement” 140mm ~ 34mm / “Weight” 118g / “Subject matter” plane aluminum alloy “Battery” 18650 3.7V lithium-ion battery ~ 1 (no longer incorporated) “The set contains” UltraFire C309 (mild frame) UltraFire XM-L U2 valve (already integrated mild frame) > Extra
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