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Red and Black Mounts to 1.25″ square Pontoon Boat Railing/Stainless Steel Mounts to types of Pontoon Railing
Very Easy – Brackets come pre-installed in the box with the Cuisinart Grill
No Tools needed for secure installation


Cuisinart Pontoon Boat Grill


Quality Cuisinart pontoon grill – Cuisinart grill with Arnall’s brackets. Pre-installed brackets perfect for your pontoon railing. Brackets are solid zinc electro-plated steel.

The red and black Cuisinart Pontoon boat grill fits boat rails with 1.25″ square railing using the Arnall’s grill bracket system. Will not scratch or mark your railing. Quick on and off, and portable.

This awesome grill is perfect for your pontoon boat. It beats the competition hands down. Some grill benefits, stainless steel burner and drip tray, locking lid, easy carry handle, and a larger cooking area than Coleman’s Perfect Flow portable grill.

The Cuisinart grill has a solid mount for the propane tank, not a flimsy wand! The grill only weighs 18 pounds. You will enjoy this grill anywhere! Simply unscrew 4 large knobs off the bottom and pull the grill off the brackets. The grill comes in the original box from Cuisinart. You will find the Arnall’s brackets pre-installed at the bottom of the box.

Red and black mounts to 1.25″ square Pontoon boat railing/stainless steel mounts to types of Pontoon railing.

  • Very easy – brackets come pre-installed in the box with the Cuisinart grill,
  • No tools needed for secure installation,
  • Cuisinart pontoon grill has 145 square inches of grilling surface,
  • The grill is customized to work with Arnall’s bracket systems.

If you previously have a portable, grill or favored something different, Arnall’s bracket appears highly suggested. The holes at the bottom of the Cuisinart grill are inferior, so it will apparently need drilling and knocking 4 quick holes in the below part of the grill so that the grill fits tightly and securely to the brackets.


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