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Identifying the different kinds of camping tents available will help you choose the right gear for your next overnight camping trip. Best camping tents to take on a long backpacking journey will need a different tent that you might practice on a family outdoors trip.

So, when you choosing your camp tent, first determine a type based on your group’s size and whether or not you might require an extra place for other companions, equipment or dogs.


About Camping Tents


If you purchase a 2 person tent, 3 person tent or 4 person tent, you can travel light. Still, you will have a place for more room. Larger tents like 8 person tents, 10 person tents or 12 person tents and more…are satisfied for large families or groups of people that require more place for sleeping and putting camping gear.

The most popular choice of season tents is 3-season tents. They are lightweight tents created for the approximately temperate conditions of spring, summer, and fall.

Extended-season 3+ tents are a great option for those who make regular journeys to clear, high-elevation ends. While really strong, they are not as completely defended for hard winter cold weather tents, as 4-season tents are.

Camping in best tents is essentially classified based on size so it is important to know how many people you will want to settle on your hiking or camping adventure.


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