ZiggyShade Beach Tent – Family Beach Sunshade

ZiggyShade Beach Sunshade Tent is a lightweight, created to give protection to you and your circle of relatives from the sun.

ZiggyShade Beach Tent – UPF 50+ Family Beach Sunshade


There are a lot of benefits to using the ZiggyShade beach tent, including its versatility and practicality, so that anyone who wishes to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the sun can get it right. Featuring sun protection of UPF 50+, this tent is easy to set up and adjustable, so you can enjoy more time at the beach, in the park, or even in your own backyard while you relax. In addition to its water-resistant fabric, Ziggy Shade beach tents are also equipped with sandbag anchors that keep you cool and comfortable as well as provide advanced protection from the sun.

Moreover, the tent includes in-ground stakes and fillable sandbag anchors to ensure that it stays firmly in place, even in windy conditions, even if the sun is hot. Kids are particularly vulnerable to UV radiation, so this is particularly useful for them. There are also many conveniences offered by the ZiggyShade beach tent, such as its travel-ready storage bag that makes it easy to take with you on day trips or camping trips.

There is also a cooler pouch in the storage bag, so you can keep all your snacks and drinks fresh and accessible while you’re out. Ziggy Shade beach tents are available in three sizes – Standard, Family, and Jumbo – so that any group size or activity can be accommodated.

Setting up the ZiggyShade beach tent is easy, as you just need to remove it from its storage bag and lay it out on the ground. The anchor bags should be filled with sand, rocks, or whatever is available in your area and pulled closed by the drawstring. After you have stretched out your tent and inserted the poles, adjust the direction of the tent to face the wind if needed. You’ll have a spacious and comfortable shelter from the sun in just a few minutes.

ZiggyShade believes quality and safety are of the utmost importance. In order to comply with Australian government standards, our lycra fabric has been tested and certified with UPF 50+ a result. Additionally, four free corner pegs are included with your tent, so you can set it up on a variety of soft surfaces, such as grass or dirt. As a result, the Ziggy Shade beach tent is perfect for families who are always on the move due to its lightweight and easy-to-carry design. Hence, the Ziggy Shade beach tent is the perfect choice for anyone that would like to enjoy the outdoors while remaining safe from the sun while doing so.

There is a UPF 50+ sun protection rating on this tent, as well as a water-resistant fabric, so you can easily set it up for a picnic at the park, or a camping trip with family and friends. It is therefore a great idea for you to try a ZiggyShade beach tent on your next outdoor adventure.

You can choose from three sizes of ZiggyShade beach tents:

  1. Standard (4-person),
  2. Family (6-person),
  3. Jumbo (8-person).

Some of the key advantages of the Ziggy Shade beach tent include:

  • UPF 50+ sun coverage,
  • Water-resistant fabric,
  • Easy setup,
  • Wind-resistant,
  • Adjustable shade.

Some of the key features of the ZiggyShade beach tent include:

  • Sandbag anchors,
  • Quick and easy setup,
  • Wind resistance,
  • The open and airy design,
  • Four free corner pegs,
  • Testing and certification to Australian government standards for UPF 50+ lycra fabric.

The ZiggyShade beach tent comes with the tent itself, in-ground stakes, fillable sandbag anchors, aluminum poles, a storage bag with a cooler pouch, and four free corner pegs. It does not include any additional items or accessories.

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