Forfar 5 Persons Tent – 3 Seasons 2 Rooms Waterproof Outdoor Camping Tent

3-season, 5-people family tent perfect for any outdoor recreation
Dome structure, 2-room best for family and friends camping use
Waterproof and windproof, sturdy fiberglass frame for easy setup

Forfar 5 Persons Tent For Outdoor Camping

This tent is amazing. First time using went through a huge rain storm. Had no problems whats ever!. No Leaks and it held up even for being as tall as it is.

Forfar 5 Persons Tent Technical Specification

  • Product: Forfar 5 Persons Tent 2-room Camping Tent,
  • Model: TT-FF-03,
  • Subject matter of External Tent: Polyester 190 T PU 1200 mm,
  • Subject matter of Inner Tent: Polyester 190 T PU 800 mm+Mesh,
  • Subject matter of Bottom Tent: Polyethylene Cloth,
  • Subject matter of Pole: Fiber Glass Rod with Painting,
  • Subject matter of Strut Pole: Aluminum,
  • Style: Dome Structure Tent,
  • Unfold size: 133.9” * 110.2” * 82.7”,
  • Package weight: 20.3 lb.

How to Assemble a Forfar Tent

FIRST STEP: Preparing Forfar 5 Persons Tent for Camping

  1. Buy a tent that correctly suits your needs,
  2. Do a practice run-through of putting in the tent,
  3. Understand that to bring first-aid,
  4. You should definitely have the whole thing before you leave.

SECOND STEP: Finding a Good Place to Camping

  1. Look out for apparent hazards,
  2. Steer clear of putting in in low areas if there is a chance of rain,
  3. Discover a flat space,
  4. Clear the selected area of debris,
  5. Make certain the world is rather clear of flora and fauna.

THIRD STEP: Setting Up Your Forfar Tent

  1. Unpack your tent supplies,
  2. Lay down a ground cloth,
  3. Insert your tent poles throughout the frame,
  4. Raise the tent,
  5. Hammer to your tent pegs,
  6. Set up the rain-fly,
  7. Move your things into the tent.

LAST STEP: Taking Down Your Forfar Tent

  1. Keep your tent clean at the same time as you camping,
  2. Unpeg the tent from the bottom,
  3. Do away with the poles from the frame,
  4. Keep the entire tent parts in one place.
  5. Scan the campsite for anything you could have missed,
  6. Store your tent supplies somewhere dry.

Package includes:

  • Galvanized Nails: 10;
  • Top Cloth: 1;
  • Separated Cloth: 1;
  • Inner Top Mesh: 1;
  • Doormat: 1;
  • Pole (big): 2;
  • Pole (small): 1;
  • Strut Pole: 4;
  • Instructions: 1.

3-season, 5-other people circle of relatives tent highest for any out of doors recreation;
Dome structure, 2-room easiest for friends and family camping use;
Water-resistant and windproof, sturdy fiberglass frame for simple setup;
Convenient and easy for carrying and storage with convenient package;
Provides compact emergency protection in all some urgent occasions.

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