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Survival Shovel – Folding Shovel with Pick Axe, Saw, and Fire Starter for Hiking, Camping, Entrenching, and Backcountry

#1 NEW RELEASE – Hottest new release in Camping and Hiking shovels. Whether you’re trying to dig a fire pit, or just a hole to do your business in, the Survival Shovel has your back. LIFETIME WARRANTY
BUILT TO LAST – The Survival Shovel has a durable steel handle, aluminum alloy bolt, and the head is made from manganese steel.
MULTIPURPOSE – This shovel can be folded into a pick, used as a saw, and has a hidden fire starter for emergencies.

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The Survival Shovel is a sturdy but light-weight transportable folding shovel made for the outside. With a serrated facet on one aspect, our trowel may also be changed into a noticed to chop away brush or make kindling. This multi objective shovel additionally doubles as a pickaxe and has a hearth starter flint.


How massive is it? Whilst the shovel is opened up it’s 24 inches (2 toes) lengthy. Its collapsible dimension is 8.6 x 8.2 inches.

What is your shovel comprised of? The pinnacle of the shovel is comprised of manganese metal with a stress ranking of forty two-forty six. The take care of is comprised of metal as smartly, even as the adjustment bolt is aluminum alloy.

How heavy is it? The Survival Shovel weighs 2 kilos.

Technical Specifications: (inches and kilos)
Full shovel duration: 24″
Pickaxe duration: 16.nine”
Folded shovel duration: 8.6″
Handle duration: 16.1″
Head duration: 8.2″
Head width: 5.nine”
Pickaxe duration: 5.three”
Fire Starter duration: 2.three”
Carry bag: 9.eight” x 7″
Weight: 2 lbs

Whether or not you might be tenting for the weekend, taking a backpacking commute, or simply want an emergency trowel for your car, the Survival Shovel has what you wish to have. Best as an entrenching software to prevent a wildfire from spreading or a easy toilet hollow digger even as you might be climbing.

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