Cold Steel Viking Axe

Hawk Length: 9 5/8″
Handle: 48″ Long. Hickory
Overall Length: 52″

Cold Steel has been a very long time believer within the ferocious cutting power of a smartly-designed Viking Axe. Till recently, we lacked the technical skill to make one to our satisfaction. On the other hand, with our new cutting-edge forging facility, we will be able to be offering our customers one thing actually remarkable. Our Viking Axe’s formidably long, skinny blade is fully polished and hand sharpened to a bone-splitting, defend shattering edge. It comes with a powerful 10″ cutting surface that terminates in two sharp horns or points. Historically, the longer most sensible point was once used for stabbing, gouging, or parrying, at the same time as the fairly shorter bottom point was once used to capture an opponent’s defend or to hook and immobilize his neck, arms, or legs. To maximise leverage, strength, and dexterity of movement, the Viking Axe is provided with an overly robust, resilient haft. Made in Maine from the most efficient hickory to be had, it enhances and amplifies our Viking Axe’s lethal attainable as a cutting, chopping and stabbing weapon.
Hawk Length: 9 5/8″
Care for: 48″ Long. Hickory
Overall Length: 52″
Steel: 1055 Carbon
Number one Edge: 10 1/3″
Blade Thick: 3mm
Hawk Length: nine-5/8″
Care for Length: 48″

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