TrueBlack 365 nm 1 Watt Photo-Quality UV Blacklight Flashlight Kit

Pre-assembled; requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Pocket-size: 4.4 inch long x 1.3 inch max diameter
Solid aluminum body with pushbutton on/off switch

Atypical UV LED flashlights, even the ones with top wavelength as little as 365 nm, will emit a vital quantity of visible wavelengths. Then again, the TrueBlack longwave flashlight equipment gives the very best resolution for while you wish to have to do away with such undesirable visible wavelength illness and reach awesome visible readability. This pre-assembled equipment combines a top-brightness UV flashlight with a superior UV-transmitting glass filter out (Hoya U-325C), captured with an have an effect on-resistant vinyl cap. Nice for pictures and detecting low-stage fluorescence. Programs come with crime scene pictures, SmartWater® visualization, fluorescent minerals, vaseline glass, ethidium bromide gel documentation, leak detection, record authentication, stain detection, counterfeit invoice detection, scorpion looking, and the like. SmartWater is a registered trademark of SmartWater Restricted.
Pre-assembled; calls for 3 AAA batteries (now not incorporated)
Pocket-measurement: 4.4 inch lengthy x 1.3 inch max diameter
Forged aluminum frame with pushbutton on/off transfer
1 LED; wavelength 365-370 nm; 1 Watt standard
Caution: Steer clear of direct eye publicity. Steer clear of youngsters.

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