Trident 1/2 Serrated Folding Knife


The SOG Trident uses their well-proven means of delivering a knife blade to the open position with S.A.T. (SOG Assisted Technology) Now using our patent pending Arc-Actuator, the Trident locks stronger and releases easier. There is also a built-in safety to lock the blade closed. When it shows red, you are ready to go. Features: Blade Length: 3.75″ Overall Length: 8.5″ Weight: 3.6 oz. Edge: Partially Serrated TF1 , SOG TRIDENT 1/2 SERRATED KNIFE , sog trident 1/2 knives , sog specialty knives , one hand open knives , safe knives , strong blade lock knives , lockback knives , lightweight knives knives

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