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Standing Room 100 hanging Family/Cabin Camping Tent


MUST HAVE CANOPY FRAME! FRAME NOT INCLUDED The Fast Up “Standing Room” tent is an excellent shelter with vertical walls that most people can stand straight up in. If you are tall and want a tent with headroom, this tent has over 8 feet of height at the center, and the vertical walls allow use of the full floor space The tent and the gazebo come separately and nearly any 10’x10′ (straight leg) canopy or gazebo can be used as a cover and the support for this tent. The tent by itself comes with a solid waterproof top that is covered and sheltered from rain and sun by the gazebo or 10’x10′ canopy tent roof insuring a weather proof environment . Other features include two Power Cord outlets that velcro shut as well as four storage pouches located conveniently around the walls of the tent. Two doors allow easy access to and from and allow two or more tents to be “stacked” together. The doors and windows all zip shut to keep rain and bugs out, and the tent has a tub style floor, so it is completely enclosed. The tent itself hangs from the canopy by hooks at the four corners. It is a great family tent with room in the 10′ X 10′ model for two queen sized air mattresses or air beds and 5 sleepers. Another nice feature is the simplicity and ease of setting it up, so that even the youngest campers can jump in and help and be effective. Easily set up in under 10 minutes.MUST HAVE CANOPY FRAME! FRAME NOT INCLUDED
XL— NAVY — TAN ************************************MUST HAVE STRAIGHT LEG CANOPY FRAME! FRAME NOT INCLUDED Brand New Design! Available December 25 2013. New Stronger Material, High Quality Zippers, Double Corner ties, New Window in Door Design.Attaches to most any 10’x10′ Straight Leg leg canopy/gazebo (many compatible gazebos/canopies on Amazon) MUST HAVE CANOPY FRAME! FRAME NOT INCLUDED
8.5′ of head room (Able To Stand Up, Walk Around and Stretch Out, Even In The Corners)
Two separate doors allows easy enter and exit and ability to “stack” two or more tents together for additional rooms
Four convenient storage pouches located in the perimeter of the tent for cell phones, toiletries, extra batteries, etc. Loop ties located in the perimeter of the tent for hanging towels, clothes. etc.
Tent setup is fast and easy with its attach to canopy hooks and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Sets Up In Minutes (Even the youngest campers can help); includes separate storage bag for tent. Standing Room 100 camping Tent can accommodate 4 campers; measures 10 by 10 feet at the base with a 102- inch center height.

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