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Spyderco C66PBK3 Centofante III Knife

Made using the highest quality materials
Tested for quality and durability
The most trusted name in you cutlery needs

The Centofante III is skinny profiled and has a light-weight FRN maintain. It has two channels which might be furrowed out of the maintain for better grip. The VG-10 blade has both a hollow-grind and wedge-grind with non-sharpened spine serrations. It also has a black steel pocket clip positions for tip-up/down, right-hand raise.
Frank Centofante is widely recognized within the custom knife trade, a celebrated veteran knifemaker, past president of the Knifemaker’s Guild, and revered voice within the cutlery community. Leading edge knife corporate Spyderco has collaborated with Centofante a couple of times, with this model being the up to date result.

The Centofante 3 provides a swish profile with light-weight fiberglass strengthened nylon (FRN) maintain. Two channels are furrowed into the maintain for improved grip, and an attention-grabbing palladium silver Spyderco bug is inlayed into the maintain’s surface. For convenience and improved security, the back-lock is located at the midpoint of the blade’s spine, with a clever David Boye dent cut from the locking lever. The razor sharp VG-10 steel blade has both a hollow grind and Swede grind for flexible use, and — when it is time to be at the move — a black steel pocket clip provides quite a lot of wearing configurations.


  • 7.56-inch open period
  • 4.five-inch closed period
  • 3.125-inch VG-10 steel blade
  • Three-inch innovative
  • 0.five-inch blade hole
  • 0.08-inch blade thickness
  • 2.five-ounce weight
  • FRN maintain subject material

Sypderco knives come with a restricted manufacturer’s guaranty against defects in fabrics and workmanship. Main points are included along with your purchase.

About Spyderco
Thinking beyond established knife trade practices has allowed Spyderco to introduce new innovations, together with one-hand opening, serrations on a folder, and a clip to connect a knife to a pocket. Spyderco is still devoted to researching and developing improved, better-performing fabrics with serve as and reliability, and its distinctive cutlery line is due to the designing ergonomic, useful tools. The corporate puts its new merchandise thru rigorous trying out prior to unencumber, examining edge retention with a CATRA machine, in search of rust development with Q-FOG, checking the force had to open and shut a knife, and analyzing a large number of different technical Main points.
Made the use of the best quality fabrics
Tested for quality and sturdiness
Essentially the most depended on name in you cutlery wishes
Collaboration between Leading edge cutlery corporate Spyderco and renowned knifemaker Frank Centofante
Swish profile with light-weight fiberglass strengthened nylon (FRN) maintain; two channels furrowed into maintain for improved grip, and palladium silver Spyderco bug is inlayed into maintain’s surface
Back-lock is located at midpoint of blade’s spine; VG-10 steel blade has both hollow grind and Swede grind for flexible use
7.56-inch open period and 4.five-inch closed period; 3.125-inch VG-10 steel blade with three-inch innovative, 0.five-inch hole, and 0.08-inch thickness; 2.five-ounce weight; FRN maintain subject material
Includes restricted manufacturer’s guaranty; Main points included with purchase

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