SportsTek Headlamp Lightwear 4-in-1 LED 220 Lumens

  • LED Headlamp
  • SportsTek Lightwear 4-in-1
  • 220 Lumens, Zoomable
  • Water Resistant, CREE Certified
  • For Camping, Hiking, Home Improvement & More

SportsTek Headlamp Lightwear 4-in-1

Before you choose your next adventure, you need a headlamp that’s tough enough to tag along.

If you are the adventurer that we are looking for, then you probably already understand how to fight on top of a moving train. You can possible leap from rooftop to rooftop without thinking twice. And chances are great you understand that the key to surviving a jump from a moving car is all on the arms roll. We have been looking for you. Good news: We found your SportsTek headlamp.

The SportsTek Lightwear 4-in-1 headlamp needs adventure. This lightwear headlamp wasn’t designed for rest parties or playing hide & go seek. It was born for a part in an Indiana Jones adventure movie. SportsTek headlamp 4-in-1 isn’t afraid of anything, and this thrill-seeking. 220 lumens lighting marvel needs an equally fearless co-star. Surely, my friend, the Lightwear 4-in-1 needs you.

SportsTek Lightwear 4-in-1 is one strong headlamp

  • Are you tired of flimsy lightweight headlamps you have to keep replacing?
  • Or, tricky, heavy headlamps that slip and slide?
  • Dangling wires or a Lamp that gets too hot?

The SportsTek Lightwear 4-in-1 is built-to-last! The sturdy structure allows easy to press buttons and easily adjustable modes that will bump up the lighting power quickly and easily. Dial it down low to read a book or dial it up high to illuminate a pitch black cavern. What about those long biking adventures? Simply attach the SportsTek Lightwear 4-in-1 headlamp to your bike and your trip will be a whole lot brighter & safer. Also, it is a great lightwear headlamp to wear during technical tasks because it is so lightweight. So, you will forget that you have it on. Strap on the Lightwear 4-in-1 headlamp and you will be prepared for anything that is waiting on the horizon!

SportsTek Lightwear Headlamp Features:

  • MASSIVE FUNCTIONALITY ACROSS VARIED SETTINGS & FUNCTIONS – Whether it’s landing aircraft, Spelunking, Fossil hunting after dusk, Repairing a leaky faucet, Searching for lost camping gear, Working underneath your Camaro, Biking through the Arizona desert, Disco dancing under the strobe light, Finding your way out of a power outage Or Any other time you need a hands free LED light source. Hard Hat Compatible!
  • CERTIFIED CREE XP-R3 – 220 LUMENS OF INTENSE BRIGHT LIGHT – Exactly Where You Need It – Bold, Intense LED Light Extends Over a 688 Foot Distance. Or With Just A Click Of A Button, It Can Be Dialed Down To Prevent that
  • SPORTSTEK LIGHTWEAR HEADLAMP, ADJUSTABLE, THICK ELASTIC STRAP FITS MOST SIZES, Use As Mobile Spotlight Or Desk Lamp (As Pictured), Hinged Beam Tilts Down a full 90 degrees, Can Also Be Easily Attached To Belt or Any Other Gear.
  • AA BATTERY POWERED | Operates on Rechargeable NiMH or Standard Batteries: The Removable Battery Pack Provides a Long-Lasting Light Source So You Can Go The Distance, Whether It’s For Work Or Play.

FREE BONUSES WITH PURCHASE: BICYCLE ADAPTER WITH ATTACHMENT – EXTRA BONUS: FREE eBOOK – WATER RESISTANT | STURDY CONSTRUCTION BUILT LIKE A BATTLESHIP – ENGINEERED FROM HIGH-STRENGTH AEROSPACE ALUMINUM ALLOY & GLASS-FILLED ABS POLYMER | FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE UNLIKE ANY OTHER THAT YOU’VE SEEN – Try our SportsTek Lightwear 4-in-1 for ONE YEAR. If during that time, you don’t absolutely love our SportsTek Lightwear Headlamp or feel that it’s worth every cent of your investment, we’ll give you your full payment back with no questions asked. That’s how confident we are that you’ll be happy and recommend our SportsTek Headlamp Lightwear 4-in-1 to your friends and family!

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