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Sawyer Products SP150 Coupling for Water Filtration Cleaning

Allows you to clean your sawyer Squeeze Filter with a plastic bottle
Provides a direct connection for backwashing your Filter
Screws onto your Squeeze Filter and standard-sized bottles

The Sawyer cleaning coupling gives an alternate strategy to blank your Sawyer squeeze Clear out. To wash your Clear out with the cleaning coupling, put off the frenzy-pull cap out of your Clear out, attach the coupling, then screw the opposite aspect of the coupling onto a bottle full of blank, filtered water. Once hooked up, you’ll forcefully squeeze the bottle to backwash and blank your Clear out. Since 1984, Sawyer Merchandise has introduced the most efficient, so much technologically Complex answers for cover towards sun, bugs, water, and injuries — the whole lot from first assist kits advanced for wilderness to indicate-of-use water filters that Clear out contaminated water to levels cleaner than U.S. Bottled water.
Lets you blank your sawyer Squeeze Clear out with a plastic bottle
Supplies an immediate connection for backwashing your Clear out
Screws onto your Squeeze Clear out and same old-sized bottles
Compatible with sawyer Squeeze water Clear out

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