Pelican ProGear 2360 LED Flashlight, Black

Momentary & On/Off push button w/ three modes – High, Strobe & Low
3 Volts 250 lumens on high 24 lumens on low

The Pelican ProGear 2360 LED emits a height output of 250 lumens. With a run time of as much as 2 hours 15 mins, the very last thing it is important to fear approximately even as at the process, is a dim flashlight or useless batteries. Integrated battery stage indicator guarantees you’re going to no longer be left at midnight.
Short-term & On/Off push button w/ 3 modes – Prime, Strobe & Low
3 Volts 250 lumens on Prime 24 lumens on low
IPX7 Water Evidence (submerged to 1 meter for 30 min
Modes: Prime, strobe and occasional
250 Lumens Gentle
Detachable clip
IPX4 Water Resistant
Short-term and On/Off push button transfer

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