Outdoor Products Ripcord Hydration Pack


Carrying water and tools while riding is not only important but necessary on a dual sport, hare scramble, or endurance race. The Outdoor Products Ripcord Hydration Pack carries all the tools and gear you need and has a comfortable fit.

The Outdoor Products Ripcord Hydration pack has a total of 4 zippered pockets of various sizes, most have dividers or straps in them to keep everything organized and in place. The largest pocket is big enough to carry 3 tire spoons, large zip ties, a KTM tool kit, and a spare tube. The smaller lower front pocket fits an air compressor, spare bolts, valve stem puller, multi-tool, air gauge and small roll of tape. The top pocket is perfect for carrying items that you need quick and easy like a cell phone, extra money, driver license. The fourth pocket can fit a poncho, spare batteries and memory cards. Another aspect that makes this hydration pack stand above the rest is the insulated water suction hose that comes with the pack and can attach to either the left or the right shoulder strap.
Full size hydration pack
Comes with 2 liter cyclone bladder
Deluxe padded back with airway collong system
Adundant reflective safety piping
Double release fron compression bib

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