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Letmy Zoomable UV Flashlight LED torch flashlight for Pets Urine Stain Detector Scorpion Hunting Fluoreescent Powder Detect with 1xAA Battery/1×14500 rechargeable Battery (battery not included)

Focus Adjustable UV Flashlight, Zoomable 3 Modes UV LED Flashlight,Tail-cap switch ON/OF
Shock Resistant & Water Resistant design, well made and bight light
Checking ID Currency Passports,reveals hidden anti-counterfeit symbols to ensure the Counterfeit Protection


Model:3 Modes(Prime low Strobe)
Watt: 3W UV LED
Bulb Number: 1
Light Colour : Violet
Total Batteries: 1
OutPut (W): 3
Body Colour: Black
Material: Aluminum alloy
Switch Area: Tail button transfer
Service Existence: 50,000hrs
Special Options: Water-resistant,Counterfeit Coverage,Checking fluorescent minerals
Battery Configuration :1 x AA/1 x 14500 rechargeable battery (battery now not included).
Dimension (CM): 10 x 3 x 3cm
Weight: 66g
Package Contents:
1 *Letmy Ultraviolet Flashlight
1 *Field

-The flashlight alternatives up on stains and different indistinguishable marks that may best be sighted below ultraviolet mild. Shine it on the carpet, on garments, or cash to make the invisible visual.
-Built of top quality fabrics, making it sturdy, sturdy and lengthy lasting
-Robust UV LED bulbs for a robust, persistently brilliant beam, Stains will illuminate like a neon sign
-Works on nearly any floor or cloth similar to carpet, curtains or furnishings
-Helpful for scorpion recognizing, non-public belongings id of hidden ink and hidden stains, ceramic upkeep and extra
Focal point Adjustable UV Flashlight, Zoomable 3 Modes UV LED Flashlight,Tail-cap transfer ON/OF
Shock Resistant & Water Resistant design, neatly made and bight mild
Checking ID Forex Passports,finds hidden anti-counterfeit symbols to make sure the Counterfeit Coverage
Discover scorpions at night time, puppy Stain Detector, shine it to look urine stains from pets,and to turn UV dyes whilst on the lookout for gasoline or gasoline leaks,Checking fluorescent minerals and synthetic fabrics
Energy by way of: 1 * AA/1 *14500 rechargeable battery (battery now not included)

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