LED LENSER (Red Lenser) X14 [Brightness 450 lumens / practical lit 10 hours] OPT-8415 [Japan genuine]

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Measurement: Diameter: 83 ~ 181mm Frame weight: approximately 420g (together with battery) Subject material Subject material: Aluminum Us of a of starting place: China LED kind: Power chip-kind LED ~ 2 Use battery: Alkaline AA battery ~ 4 Lights time: approximately 10 hours / 1lm Reflector: Develop center of attention The utmost luminous flux: approximately 450 lumens The longest irradiation distance: approximately 350m The set comprises equipment: Frame, shrewd clip, strap Options: Sensible Mild era, low battery message device Irradiation mode: Morse / Tactical job, spice up mode Lights (a hundred thirty%), Power mode lighting fixtures up (one hundred%), the financial system mode Lights (15%), non-degree dimmer, blink blink, SOS flashing, strobe flashing Power mode: Commonplace output mode, consistent output mode Expanding the show quantity
We can shipe from Tokyo, Japan
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