Jetboil Backcountry Gourmet Cooking System Set

The Jetboil Backcountry Gourmet Cooking Set Has Everything You Need to Prepare a Gourmet Meal in the Mountains! It includes the 1 Liter Flash Flux Ring Cooking Cup w/ Lid, 1 Adjustable Flash Burner w/ Push Button Ignition, 1 Measuring Cup / Insulating bottom cover, 1 Flux Fry Pan, 1 Fry Pan Bottom / Plate, 1 Pot Support and Stabilizer, 1 Fork, 1 Spoon, 1 Spatula – Everything You Need in One Kit!! Boiling two cups in two minutes at 75-80% efficiency, the Jetboil is twice as fast and uses half as much fuel as conventional stoves. The Jetboil boils up to 50 cups (12 Liters) of water from only one Jetpower isobutane/propane micro-canister (Fuel not included). Such outstanding performance results from the patent-pending FluxRingTM heat exchanger, which captures and focuses the burner’s heat. Heat, eat, and drink from this ultra-compact 1 liter unit. The System is ideal for coffee or tea on the go, dehydrated meals, remote worksites, emergency kits. Now, with the added luxury of a skillet, your meal choices are endless! And Guess What Else? Not only is the the Simplest Cooking System Available, it was Ranked #1 by Backpacker Magazine!! Pick this Guy Up! You won’t be disappointed!

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