GridLite UV Blacklight Flashlight – Pet Urine Detector – Stain Detector – 12 UV LEDS

Our UV flashlight pinpoints stained areas on rugs, furniture, and walls, making cleaning easy
Perfect for spotting dried pet and liquid stains, as well as verifying currency and ID cards
Made with military grade metal, our UV Flashlight is built to last for years

Our UV flashlight pinpoints stained spaces on rugs, furnishings, and partitions, making cleansing simple
Absolute best for recognizing dried puppy and liquid stains, in addition to verifying forex and ID playing cards
Made with army grade steel, our UV Flashlight is constructed to ultimate for years
Powered through 12 UV LED bulbs, our UV flashlight emits a 395nm wavelength beam for as much as 5 hours
GridLite provides an entire life ensure with this product, so you’ll be able to purchase with trust

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