Gregory Women’s Jade 40 Backpack


Lightweight and durable, the high-performance Gregory Jade 40 Women’s pack gives female hikers a versatile option for day hiking or ultra-lightweight overnighters. Despite its lightweight design, the Jade 40 Women’s pack comfortably carries up to 40 pounds! Addressing the different wants and needs of male and female hikers, the backpacks of Gregory’s Women’s Series cater to the woman on the go. Designed and tested by women, these packs incorporate shoulder harnesses contoured to fit the female figure and waistbelt panels built to adjust to fit women’s hip angles. Reflecting the difference in male and female ergonomics, the packs of the Women’s Series also employ narrower backpanels. Having spent numerous years and countless miles out on the trail, the designers at Gregory are well aware of the problems that arise from ill-fitting backpacks. Unwilling to compromise comfort or load-carrying capability, Gregory’s commitment to providing the perfect fit is evident in the technology used in the Jade 40 Women’s harness and JetStream LTS (Load Transfer Suspension) suspension systems. A single lightweight, hollow stay and a molded, perforated V-beam framesheet work in tandem to support the stability of the Jade 40 Women’s pack by distributing weight evenly and transferring the load to your hips. Raised contact points at the scapula pads and lower lumbar pad create substantial space between your pack and the pack allowing “true ventilation”. The ventilated moisture wicking harnesses, waistbelt and backpanel enhance fit, aid in load transfer, provide cushioning and keep you cool on the trail. An updated proprietary waistbelt system allows you to choose between three different adjustable lengths to provide optimal fit. An adjustable sternum strap and load-lifter straps further enhance the fit of the Jade 40 Women’s pack and ensure the stability of your load, allowing convenient on-the-go adjustment. Access to the single main compartment of the Jade 40 Women’s pack is gained
Jetstream LTS Suspension
Women’s specific harness, waistbelt and backpanel
Dual hydration ports and sleeve
Side, bottom and top compression
Dual quick access waistbelt pockets

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