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Firefly LED Headlamp – 115 Max Lumens, Super Wide Angle Beam. Waterproof Design with Red Night Vision and CREE LEDs. Energizer Batteries Included

MAX 115 LUMENS – Light up the night with up to 115 lumens of efficient LED headlamp lighting power and up to 100 Hours of burn time.
CREE LEDS – Peace of mind comes from knowing that your headlamp uses the best and most reliable LEDs.
RED NIGHT VISION – Conserve battery power and help your eyesight adjust faster by using Red Night Vision mode. Firefly also has a super wide angle beam to help you to see more in the dark.

The Firefly Headlamp is a formidable, flexible, huge attitude lens LED headlamp for mountaineering, tenting, backpacking or some other time you can also in finding your self out after darkish. With 115 lumens of sunshine and 6 Lighting fixtures modes, the Firefly simply lighting fixtures up the darkish and its huge attitude lens provides you with a bigger space of sunshine for mountaineering down the path. All Firefly lighting fixtures include 2 AAA Energizer batteries and have our new Consistent Glow Battery Case Lighting fixtures – a relentless mild that glows that will help you change new batteries at the hours of darkness.
MAX 115 LUMENS – Remove darkness from the Evening with as much as 115 lumens of environment friendly LED headlamp Lighting fixtures energy and as much as 100 Hours of burn time.
CREE LEDS – Peace of thoughts comes from realizing that your headlamp makes use of the most efficient and such a lot dependable LEDs.
RED NIGHT VISION – Preserve battery energy and assist your eyesight regulate quicker through the use of Pink Evening Imaginative and prescient mode. Firefly additionally has an excellent huge attitude beam that will help you to peer extra at the hours of darkness.
6 LIGHT MODES – White beam options Heart, Top, Low modes. Pink Evening Imaginative and prescient options Top, Strobe, SOS modes.
WATERPROOF IPX6 – Rainy prerequisites? No downside! The Firefly Headlamp is rated at IPX6 water resistant. 2 AAA Energizer batteries incorporated.

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