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Eyourlife Military Folding Shovel Tactical Military Shovel Multifunctional Shovel for Camping Hiking Backpacking Gardening With Compass Upgraded Version

COMPASS:It can lead you to the right direction when you lost your way in the outside.
HIGH CARBON STEEL : Therefore It has various advantages including corrosion resistant, wear resistant, high tenacity and anti-rust.
COMPACT FOLDING SHOVEL : 15.74 inches overall length when unfolded, and 6.69 inches overall length

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Eyourlife Army Folding Shovel,Tactical Army Shovel,Multifunctional Shovel,for Tenting, Climbing, Backpacking, Gardening With Compass Upgraded Version

Amazing Options:

1. Fast shift between shovel and hoe: Unscrew the shovel tube, flip over the shovel, then screw the shovel tube.

2. It might probably gentle the magnesium alloy fireplace striker: It won’t have an effect on through wind, wet surroundings. You’ll make a hearth, cooking and basking with it in super cold and oxygen-lacking spaces.

3. Chopping and sawing: It is felony device for out of doors lifestyles or self-defense felony Gear.

Widely Use:

1. Shoveling Snow: Now winter is coming soon ; after it is snow , You’ll shovel so much snow through this folding shovel. It’s going to be a excellent helper ,particularly whilst you wish to have.

2. Gardening Planting: whilst you wish to have plant a small tree or a few flower seed , this shovel allow you to simply dig out soil.Perhaps a few kids will adore it higher.

3. Outdoors Tenting: Travelling in outdoors, for barbecue or tent, this shovel allow you to dig out a hole in a few robust floor. With compass , it additionally allow you to distinguish direction.

4. Best Gear for Emergency: When emergency sadly occurs, this versatile shovel can saw or bring to an end a few ropes, or crush glass particularly encountering site visitors accidence.

Package Included: 1 x shovel , 1 x care for, 1 x military inexperienced bag.
COMPASS:It might probably lead you to the correct direction while you lost your method within the out of doors.
HIGH CARBON STEEL : Subsequently It has quite a lot of benefits together with corrosion resistant, wear resistant, top tenacity and anti-rust.
COMPACT FOLDING SHOVEL : 15.74 inches overall duration whilst unfolded, and 6.69 inches overall duration
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL OUTDOORS SHOVES : It combined pricking, Chopping, shearing, paring, sawing with bottle opening in combination.
WIDELY USAGES : Ideal for Army, Gardening, Tenting or Keeping in Car for Emergency Snow Removing .

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