Emergency Zone Multilayer Reflective Sleeping Bag/Bivy Sack with HeatStore

Aluminumized PVC on the inside bonded to nonwoven nylon fibers on the outside create a strong, tear resistant, yet thin and lightweight survival sleeping bag / bivy sack
84-Inch x 36-Inch with reinforced seams-not tape like other emergency sleeping bags
Orange outer color offers good contrast from surroundings to be seen from long distances

Why acquire a HeatStore sleeping bag over a normal reflective sleeping bag? Listed below are three massive purposes. (1) Sturdiness. If even a small tear occurred with a normal reflective subject material, there may be little resistance to the propagation of the tear throughout all of the duration of the sleeping bag. A sleeping bag with a large tear does now not do so much to retain Warmth. Our NEW sleeping bag makes use of a layer of aluminumized PVC bonded to a layer of skinny non woven nylon fibers. The sleeping bag continues to be very skinny and light-weight, however more proof against punctures and more importantly, the propagation of tears. The seams are strengthened with the similar multilayer subject material for extra potential. Usual reflective sleeping luggage use handiest tape at the seams. (2) Warmth Absorption. Usual reflective sleeping luggage are reflective on each side. Even as the usual reflective bag Displays Warmth from the frame again against the frame, the outdoor could also be reflective and Displays Warmth from the solar clear of the frame too. Our multilayer sleeping bag will take in more Warmth from the surroundings slightly than reflecting it away. (3) Visibility. The orange outer layer is visual from lengthy distances and contracts with snow and trees.
Aluminumized PVC at the within bonded to nonwoven nylon fibers at the outdoor create a powerful, tear resistant, but skinny and light-weight survival sleeping bag / bivy sack
eighty four-Inch x 36-Inch with strengthened seams-now not tape like different emergency sleeping luggage
Orange outer colour gives excellent distinction from setting to be noticed from lengthy distances
Displays and keeps frame Warmth with out reflecting away Warmth from the surroundings as a normal reflective sleeping luggage do
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