Cold Steel Spike Hawk Frontier Hawk

Hawk Length: 9″
Handle: American Hickory
Overall Length: 22″

Whilst it is without a doubt Able to acting application chores, our Spike Hawk actually excels while it is used as a weapon. With one extremely efficient Side and a protracted spike, it places any adversary at the horns of a fierce catch 22 situation: Face the brink in brutal reducing, slicing, slashing and gouging assaults, or chance getting massive deep holes punched in you via the fearsome spike. To make issues even worse for an attacker, both finish of the hawk can be utilized to hook or lure an opponent’s weapon, neck, arm or leg, to keep watch over or manage the location to at least one’s merit. Moreover, the total Duration of the of the hawk measures nine” throughout making it a large, stiff platform that may be punched into an incoming weapon arm to momentarily prevent its ahead movement and immobilize it. A wonderfully crafted leather-based sheath designed to soundly space the purpose and Side is to be had and offered one after the other.
Hawk Duration: nine”
Take care of: American Hickory
General Duration: 22″
Metal: Drop Cast 1055 Carbon
Number one Side: 3 1/eight”
Able to acting application chores
Fabricated from Metal
Face the brink in brutal reducing, slicing, slashing and gouging assaults
Comes with a stiff platform

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