Boy Scout Tomahawk Throwing | Camp Hatchet | Blacksmith Forged Axe

READY TO WIN YOUR NEXT THROWING COMPETITION? EQUIP YOURSELF WITH THE BEST -If you’re a serious competitor, then you know in order to be the best you’ve got to have the best equipment. You’re looking at the premier throwing hawk on Amazon.

Boy Scout Tomahawk Throwing

“What’s the difference between the scout hawk and the most efficient selling competition throwing tomahawk (ASIN B00A2WHL94)?”

The one difference between these two models is that the scout hawk has a thinner blade. The thinner blade is not a bad thing for adult throwers who perhaps wish to go a little bit lighter weight when throwing. But that is specifically designed for boy scouts ages 13 and up.

18 inch Boy Scout Tomahawk Throwing/ Axe / Hatchet suitable for young adult & adult throwers (Ages 12+). This Boy Scout Tomahawk is somewhat lighter (thinner blade) than the Competition Hawk – customized for the Boy Scouts of The united states.

Balanced for throwing.
* Overall Length: 18 inches
* Blade Edge: 3.75 inches!
* Take care of: Straight Grain American Hickory (USA Made)
* Take care of Finish: Smooth Sanded & Wax Coated
* Use: Recreational or Competition
* Weight: About 1.4 lbs

Each tomahawk comes with an authentic hand forged & heat treated tomahawk head & an American Hickory straight grain wood Take care of. Each and every hawk head is crafted by hand and features unique hammer marks from the blacksmith. Each and every tomahawk head is unique.

*Note: Watch out, blade edge is sharp!
READY TO WIN YOUR NEXT THROWING COMPETITION? EQUIP YOURSELF WITH THE BEST -In case you are a serious competitor, then you understand to be able to be the most efficient you have to have the most efficient equipment. You are looking on the premier throwing hawk on Amazon.
19″ BSA READY THROWING TOMAHAWK…BEST VALUE YOU CAN FIND ONLINE -We now have created a hand-forged, steel hawk head/blade and combined it with a straight grain, American hickory lightweight wood Take care of; giving you unbeatable keep an eye on & performance.
LIGHT WEIGHT, PRECISE, DURABLE, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED! -Weighing only 1.6lbs and having the very best 3.75″ blade edge lets you impress your folks or competitors and enjoy your absolute best throwing ever!
MAKE SURE TO ASK YOURSELF THIS BEFORE PURCHASING ANY AXE ONLINE –> -Is it HAND forged, or used to be it carelessly produced by a machine? Are there set screws within the blade or Take care of (causing it to damage)? Is it NMLRA approved? We built ours the fitting way.

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