Axe Sheath for Husqvarna 13 in. Curved Handle Hatchet

Handmade in Spokane Washington, USA
Husqvarna Axe Sheath

This sheath is designed particularly and precisely for the Husqvarna 13 in. curved care for hatchet. It’s constituted of raw cowhide and later stained with boiled linseed oil for waterproofness and tanning. The sheath is Hand-crafted in Spokane, Washington. The development of the sheath begins with three items of leather: The principle body of the sheath, the securing strap and the welt. The principle body is folded over a welt that may be inserted into between the 2 folded part which prevents the blade of the inserted Awl from slicing the sew that may be placed to carry the sheath in combination. The sheath is then hand stitched and steel rivets are placed on the corners to improve the body. The Awl head blade, whilst placed within the sheath, is prevented from touching the rivets as a result of the welt. The retention strap is then secured with a steel rivet and a steel snap is added for simple on/off action. This sheath is built to last, and High quality made in the us (Spokane, Washington). End to the sides of the leather is applied for classy appeal. Watch how this sheath is made on YouTube here:
Hand-crafted in Spokane Washington, USA
Husqvarna Awl Sheath
High quality

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