Adventurer Spiral Wire Camp Saw

Stainless Steel
Made in the USA
Used by the U.S. Military for over 30 years

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The Spiral Twine Camp Noticed is a bigger and heavier responsibility model of the Spiral Pocket Twine Noticed which has been Utilized by america Army for over 30 years. This Spiral Twine Camp Noticed may also be simply integrated in survival and tenting kits. This survival Twine Noticed will reduce absolutely anything together with metals, plastics, ceramics, adhesives, rubber, picket and bone. This survival Noticed is extra flexible and far more secure than any flat blade, as the original spiral layout permits slicing in any course. Made from sturdy stainless-steel, all edges of the spiral blade are slicing edges.
Stainless Metal
Made in america
Utilized by the U.S. Army for over 30 years
24″ lengthy
Light-weight and Compact

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