There are various excellent outdoor camping activities to keep your family or friends relaxed and comfortable when outside in beautiful nature. By options like trekking, hiking, fishing, paddle a canoe, play ball and favorite board games with kids, build a campfire, or just stay around a campfire, tell stories and much more. So, there are many activities to experience while camping. Just get out on the fresh air and re-connect with our beautiful Mother Nature!

The Inca Trail and Lares Trek Adventure

Discover one of the most important travel activities of our time. Hike the Inca Trail or the Lares Trek with G Adventures and never be the same  Source: Inca Trail and Lares Hiking Tours - G Adventures   

Mont Blanc Hiking and Trekking Tours

Only in France could you find the challenge to hike and  trek Mont Blanc combined with wine and cheese. (Sounds perfect.) Book with G Adventures today.Source: Mont Blanc Hiking Tours - G Adventures   

Top 10 Essentials for High Altitude Trekking Adventures

What exactly does one need to pack when scaling the dizzy heights of Everest, Mount McKinley or Kilimanjaro? We get an experienced Sherpa to run through the basic essentials, after years of experience leading groups on trekking expeditions;...

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