Yes4All Stainless Steel Survival Hatchet with Nylon Sheath

Durable stainless steel blade survival hatchet
Overall length: 10.6″ (27cm) & Cutting edge: 4.6″ (11.6cm)
Handle length: 6″ (15.2cm) -Rubber handle with finger grooves provide a snug grip

At all times stay this secret weapon on your camping adventure: A gentle, rapid and neatly balanced Yes4All survival hatchet with leading edge design. Our survival hatchet is excellent for each out of doors tasks like cutting, chopping, splitting woods, tree branches and emergency camp fireplace uses.

Durable Elements for Lifetime Use
Product of 420 chrome steel with black coating, the blade is super sharp, tricky, cast and rust-resistant for long lasting usage. Its further massive 4.6 inch leading edge is specially designed to offer fast, accurate and strong blow, which is helping you effectively save some time and effort. But even so, the serrated best edge works nice for slicing, or sawing or tearing.

Ergonomic, Light-weight Design Ensures Comfy Use The original design of the rubber care for with finger grooves supply a comfortable grip, permitting you to carry it comfortably within the palm of your hands.
Light-weight, simple-to-elevate around all day axe with the entire period of 10.6 inch, making it have compatibility within such a lot back packs.
The axe comes full with a sheath to offer protection to the blade, a nylon pouch and belt loop for simple storage and shuttle.

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