Wildlife Hatchet


The Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet is a general-use small axe that is sized right for backpacking or attaching to a belt. It is the most popular Hatchet from Gransfors. Either the Wildlife Hatchet or the Small Forest Axe are the most popular blades made by Gransfors. The Wildlife Hatchet is a general camping hatchet that can chop, split and cut. The Wildlife Hatchet is popular as a gift. For example, a gentleman in Tennessee who was getting together with some old friends gave one to each of them. Another customer told us he loves the Hatchet, and said it is so sharp he was able to easily slice and dice the tomato he needed for some tacos. The oil finish on the Gransfors Axes is not “food service”, but this tale gives you an idea of the sharpness and versatility of this general camp tool. The 13.5 inch (34 cm) hickory handle attaches to a 1 pound (454 gm) head with a 3 inch (76 mm) bit. Leather sheath included. All Gransfors Axes come with the AXE BOOK and a 20 year guarantee. -SwedishAx.com

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