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Wicked Tree Pack

Heavy duty canvas construction, holds Wicked tough handsaw securely for Transport
Innovative “blade pinch” design prevents Saw from falling out while being used as scabbard
Built-in plastic scabbard for easy open-saw access during long trim jobs

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in a single Depraved difficult “tree percent” comes with (1) Depraved difficult hand Noticed & (1) tree percent with a pocket for added storing for bow hanger, hooks or hoist rope.
Heavy accountability canvas building, holds Depraved difficult handsaw securely for Delivery
Cutting edge “blade pinch” layout prevents Noticed from falling out whilst getting used as scabbard
Integrated plastic scabbard for simple open-Noticed get right of entry to all the way through lengthy trim jobs
Further Neoprene pocket for storing Bow hanger, hooks or hoist Rope
Comprises (1) Depraved Tree percent (no Noticed incorporated)

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