Ultraviolet LED Handheld Blacklight Flashlight UV Pet Dog Cat Urine and Stain Detector

SPOT STAINS – Easily spot stains anywhere in your home left by guests, pets, urine accidents, or any other type of spill
LIGHTWEIGHT – This 3.5″ x 1″ aluminum flashlight only weighs 1.5 oz but is still sturdy enough to withstand heavy use.
FIND SCORPIONS – Quiclky and easily discover scorpions in your home or in the wilderness with this easy to use UV blacklight

The NorthernWare 9 bulb LED UV flashlight is durable and built to last. This tough ultraviolet flashlight is the easiest tool for helping you uncover hidden stains in your carpet, rug or couch.

The 395nm wavelength hand held UV light comes with a nylon wristband which will stay it securely in place at the same time as you might be the usage of this at hand device for one among its many uses such as:

Finding Stains:

This ultraviolet light is the easiest tool that can assist you uncover unwanted cat urine stains and dog urine stains. What used to be once unnoticeable will turn out to be very noticeable whilst you use this tool as a cat urine detector.

When used as a pet stain detector, this tough ultraviolet flashlight will make it extremely easy to scrub up any form of urine stains your pets have left in the back of.

Finding Leaks:

This flashlight will let you spot any form of leak on your car, air conditioner or HVAC unit. The tough UV rays will remove darkness from UV dye, enabling you to peer precisely where the leak is so You’ll be able to plug it.

Hunting Scorpions:

You’ll be able to also use this light hunt to scorpions. The ultraviolet rays will remove darkness from the scorpions, enabling you to take away them out of your yard so they don’t enter your own home. Never worry about finding a scorpion in your house again whilst you use this light to seek these critters.

Authenticating currency and IDs:

In case you are in law enforcement or security, this UV blacklight will make it easy to authenticate both foreign and domestic currency and government issued IDs such as driving force’s licenses, passports and state IDs. Merely shine the blacklight on the security measures of the currency or ID card and ensure the hidden stripes or emblems seem.

Merely click add to cart on the most sensible of the page and get started uncovering precisely where the pet urine stains are in your house so You’ll be able to get them completely wiped clean up.

Note: requires 3 AAA batteries, that are NOT INCLUDED.
SPOT STAINS – Easily spot stains anyplace in your house left by visitors, pets, urine accidents, or every other form of spill
LIGHTWEIGHT – This 3.5″ x 1″ aluminum flashlight most effective weighs 1.5 ouncesbut continues to be robust enough to resist heavy use.
FIND SCORPIONS – Quiclky and simply discover scorpions in your house or within the wilderness with this simple to make use of UV blacklight
VERIFY IDs AND CURRENCY – The 395nm UV light will remove darkness from security measures built into official currency, drivers licenses, military IDs and sorts of government issued identification
LONGLASTING – Lasts ~20hrs with new (3) AAA batteries

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