TETON Sports Celsius Regular Sleeping Bag

CAMPER’S CHOICE: Perfect all-around bag–roomy, warm with ventilation options, high-quality construction, rugged materials, compression sack included so it packs down tight,

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Sturdy taffeta shell is lightweight, easy to pack, and stands up to years of use,

LARGE SLEEPING AREA AND SO WARM: Designed for comfort, the sleeping bag is roomy compared to others in its class–size 80×33 inches.


The TETON Sports – Celsius Regular Sleeping Bag – for Family Camping


Roomier than so many sleeping bags, the Celsius Regular -18°C/0°F is stuffed with SuperLoft Elite four-channel hollow fiber insulation to stay out the coolness on fall, spring, and summer evenings. The bag comes with all of the bells and whistles of dearer bags: shoulder and zipper baffles, adjustable mummy hood, interior storage pocket for keys and valuables, and an Oxford compression sack for more uncomplicated packing.

Now before you purchase, let’s discuss temperature ratings. When manufacturers rate a bag for 0°, we mean the bag will stay you from freezing to death in zero degrees weather. Temperature ratings are survival ratings, now not comfort ratings. For comfort, get a bag rated 15-20 degrees chillier than the night temperature you are expecting. If you want an extreme cold-weather bag, you may want the TETON Sports Celsius XL -32°C/-25°F bag. Somewhat bigger and Somewhat hotter. The bag also gives zippers on each left and right facet, so you’ll zip two TETON bags in combination and create a double bag for couples. Simply remember to order one left-hand and one right-hand zip.

CAMPER’S CHOICE: Absolute best throughout bag–roomy, heat with ventilation choices, top-quality construction, rugged fabrics, compression sack included so it packs down tight; Pack weight 5 pounds.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Robust taffeta shell is light-weight, simple to pack, and stands as much as years of use; Right and left zippered bags zip-in combination for couples camping; Double-layer construction for the entire width and duration of the bag will increase and sturdiness – manner you get two layers of fill, seams are independent of one another to do away with cold spots.

LARGE SLEEPING AREA AND SO WARM: Designed for comfort, a sleeping bag is roomy in comparison to others in its magnificence–size 80 x 33 inches; Brushed flannel lining feels like a luxury sheet; Full-width shoulder baffles and entire duration zipper baffles, and a part-circle mummy taste hood with drawstring helps to keep a pillow or head off the bottom, camp pad or cot surface.

MUST HAVE COLD WEATHER CAMPING EQUIPMENT: Survival rated for chilly temperatures–rated at zero degrees for cool to frozen prerequisites; when you sleep cold, get the TETON Sports Celsius XL -32C/-25F.

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: At TETON Sports once we say “Restricted Lifetime Guaranty” we mean WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! We have an AWESOME customer service team primarily based right here in America. It is a service YOU CAN COUNT ON to get your merchandise looked after and get you back OUTDOORS.

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