Set of Two BrainStream SOI Handbag/Purse Light with Automatic Sensor

Powered by two AAA batteries which are changable with a counterclockwise twist of your palms
Made in Germany; Also great as a bed and travel light

SET OF TWO: Make life more uncomplicated and more enjoyable with a a laugh and functional Brainstream product! Prevent looking, get started finding! The SOI (pronounced Zoe) automatic handbag light from Brainstream makes finding pieces like keys and phones that settle at the bottom of a cluttered purse more uncomplicated than ever! SOI gets activated by just tapping it flippantly together with your hand or by an in depth movement. A working sensor detects the energy fields of the hand or the body generally–to make it easy for the ones with no PHD in electronic engineering—it is a proximity sensor. Simple-peasy! Once activated, it’ll light the purse for 10 seconds after which flip off routinely. This sensor prevents pieces bouncing around for your purse from activating it, At the same time as allowing you to even turn on the sunshine within the winter with gloves on. It requires no buttons or switches to show it off. The SOI is driven by two AAA batteries that allows you to supply energy for over 6000 cycles. If the batteries fade, they are able to merely get replaced. Just place the SOI within the palm of your hand and twist counter-clockwise, this may occasionally open the shell to modify the batteries. At the same time as designed for use in a handbag, the SOI is excellent as a bed and shuttle light. Made entirely in Germany. The roots of Brainstream will also be traced back to 2000 when German engineer and entrepreneur Rupprecht Gabriel become bored stiff along with his poorly boiled breakfast eggs. Infrequently his eggs came out too hard At the same time as other times they were much too runny for his most probably. In hopes of sparing himself this frustration, he sought to invent a product that did the work for him-leading to Brainstream’s first product: the BeepEgg. After it is great luck, Gabriel then shaped an artistic team to create a small, but robust assortment of goods that have compatibility the claim “a laugh and functional.” As of late, their little on a regular basis aids are to be had in additional than ten countries around the world.
Powered by two AAA batteries which can be changable with a counterclockwise twist of your palms
Made in Germany; Also great as a bed and shuttle light
Proximity sensors utilize energy fields out of your hand to turn on the sunshine with none want for buttons or switches

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