Ridgeway By Kelty Fleece 3 in 1 Blanket, Bag and Liner

Ridgeway by Kelty
Fleece 3 in 1 80 by 34 inches
Sleeping bag

Brand new with handy carrying strap… Fleece 3 in 1 by Kelty. 1) Blanket 2) Bag 3) Sleeping bag liner Made of soft fleece. This bag can completely unzip and be used as a blanket or stay zipped as a fleece sleepingb ag. Additionally, it can be used as extra warmth when used inside a sleeping bag as a liner. Blanket is 80 inches by 68 inches Bag is 80 inches by 34 inches.

  • Ridgeway by Kelty,
  • Fleece 3 in 1 80 by 34 inches,
  • Sleeping bag,
  • Blanket,
  • Sleeping bag liner.
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