REAL Solar UV & white LED keychain Flashlight Torch

This Flashlight Torch makes use of a Actual Sun Panel that may be Attached to the L1R2032 Rechargeable Coin Battery. I had those especially made, the business usual for small Sun flashlights (that glance similar to those) do not in truth attach into and use the Sun Panel, it’s some distance more economical to have them made with a Panel that is only for display. I’ve examined those and the Sun panel does in reality fee the battery. SEE PHOTOS TO SEE THAT THESE LIGHTS ARE USING LEGITIMATE WORKING SOLAR & RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. This can be a keychain flashlight keyfob with 1 UV UltraViolet LED gentle & 2 White LED lighting. UV gentle can be utilized to test for Counterfeit Cash, ID Playing cards, Drivers License, Blood, another Physically Fluids, Puppy urine & stain detector. Click on the button as soon as to show at the UV gentle, a 2nd Click on turns off the UV gentle & turns at the White lighting, a 3rd Click on turns off all of the lighting.

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