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Rayovac Sportsman 150 Lumen 3AA LED Mini Lantern with Batteries (SP1W3AALN-BA)

1-Watt high powered LED never needs replacing; 150 Lumens
Easy-find green LED light blinks every 5 seconds when lantern is off
Easy off and on switch, folding tent hang ring on bottom, comfort grip handle, and compact size

Perfect for camping trip and all outside adventures. Bright 1 Watt Top-powered LED – 150 Lumens. Run time: 16 hours. 2 light modes: Top and Low- Water-proof- Compact size- Comfort grip deal with- Folding tent hang ring on bottom.

With optimized beams, rubber grips, and tactical switches, Rayovac’s Sportsman Xtreme lighting fixtures are what you want for the outside whilst you head for the hills and even the backyard. Whether or not at the patio, within the woods, or right through an influence outage, the Rayovac Sportsman SP1W3AALN mini lantern offers a bright answer. This mini lantern measures simply 9.75 inches and weighs handiest 9.5 oz. with three AA batteries.


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The small size of the SP1W3AALN makes it best for fitting into crowded gear bag. However do not let the small size fool you–this lantern remains to be in a position to producing 65 lumens of brightness on Top mode. It also includes a low mode with 22 lumens of brightness. The water resistant SP1W3AALN also includes a comfort grip deal with and a folding tent hang ring on bottom. The lens cover can be taken off to offer a much broader beam radius so they can remove darkness from 30 feet. A very simple-to find inexperienced LED blinks each and every five seconds when the lantern is off so you’ll be able to find it even at the darkest nights. It is subsidized by a life-time guaranty.

The Power of LEDs

A best light supply for brand new headlamps, LEDS are nearly unbreakable, They usually contain no filament or mercury. Lasting a life-time, they never want to get replaced. They usually use battery power a lot more efficiently, greatly reducing the choice of batteries wanted over the lifetime of the sunshine.

The energy efficient 1-watt LED bulb is powered by three AA batteries (included) for as much as 16 hours of continuing use on Top mode and as much as 35 hours on energy saver mode.

What’s within the Box

Rayovac SP1W3AALN Sportsman Xtreme mini lantern; three AA batteries

At a Glance

Rayovac SP1W3AALN-B Sportsman Xtreme Mini Lantern At a Glance:

  • 1-watt LED with as much as 65 lumens of brightness
  • Two modes of lighting fixtures: Top and low
  • Powered by three AA batteries
  • Folding tent hanger, rubberized handle
  • Easy-to find inexperienced LED blinks when lantern is off
  • Limited lifetime warranty
At a Glance

1-Watt Top powered LED never wishes replacing; 150 Lumens
Simple-to find inexperienced LED light blinks each and every 5 seconds when lantern is off
Simple on and off switch, folding tent hang ring on bottom, comfort grip deal with, and compact size
Runs on 3 AA alkaline batteries (included); run time 16 hours (Top mode) and 35 hours (low mode)
Water-proof and has an entire lifetime guaranty

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