NEBO BLACK Redline #5610 Flashlight


The ability to bring high-end technology to a compact, fully-redesigned, extremely powerful light source is finally here.The NEBO REDLINE® is one of the brightest flashlight to date, 220 lumens of pure white light to be exact. In automobiles, redlining is reaching the peak of its performance; whereas we, with NEBO REDLINE®, are harnessing the maximum power of this flashlight with 220 lumens of blinding bright light. (NOTE: Anything above 50 lumens within a 10 yard distance may cause temporary blindness when viewed directly.) This Nebotools Flashlight has 5 lighting modes:100% white light (220 lumens),50% white light (110 lumens),10% white light (22 lumens),S.O.S. mode (220 lumens), emergency strobe mode (220 lumens).This flashlight has a 4x adjustable beam that works with any light setting to change the REDLINE® from a flood light to illuminate everything within a 20 yard distance, or to a spot light to focus up to 150 yards. The bezel of the REDLINE® controls the adjustable beam. The red ring of the NEBO REDLINE® enhances all of the features of this flashlight.*Please note this listing is for only one flashlight.

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