Moredental Medical Headlamp Optional 3w LED Dental Surgical Headlight Type with Kd202a-3 Ac/dc

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*3 W LED illumination, sunlight color, cold light, uniform light distribution *Function: AC/DC power supply, used with magnifiers, light spot adjustable *Variable function: variable color on the surface *Application: Surgery room, Stomatology, ENT

1.The sunshine spot is adjustable at 400mm position , starting from 10mm to 110mm 2.The use of:Ent, Dental, carving,Stomatology, Gynecology, Mind Surgical procedure, Plastic Surgical procedure, woodcarving 3.The headlight have imported gentle,and prime brightness, it’s handy and protection. 4.It may be attached with exterior energy provide, then the headlight can proceed to paintings. 5.It make stronger huge voltage shape 95v -240v, every usa can use. It may be used with our loupes.
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*three W LED illumination, daylight colour, chilly gentle, uniform gentle distribution *Serve as: AC/DC energy provide, used with magnifiers, gentle spot adjustable *Variable Serve as: variable colour at the floor *Software: Surgical procedure room, Stomatology, ENT

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