Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery for mPack UNPLUGGED

Rechargeable battery for OMEGA500 Oblique Binocular Ophthalmoscope UNPLUGGED and 3SLED HeadLight UNPLUGGED. Light-weight with balanced weight distribution. Prime stage of convenience. Light-weight and compact. LED price standing show. LED show of closing Running time. May also be recharged by means of wall- or plug-in transformer. Direct operation conceivable even as charging thru using the cellular plug-in transformer. Charging time: 2 hours. Running time: 2 hours. Smart charging gadget. Automated changeover from Running to charging mode (within the wall unit). Battery-pleasant charging. Most sensible protection requirements. Built-in price and function tests all over operation. Lithium polymer generation (decided on non-flammable fabrics). UL-compliant. Registered Layout.

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