LED Headlamp (Pkg of 10)

LED Headlamp – Our Slim Beam Luxeon LED Headlamp places Mild proper the place you want it.LED Headlamp options come with: Difficult vibrant Luxeon 1 watt LED headlamp Focusing device casts an extra and narrower beam Unmarried Luxeon 1 watt LED can produce 25-30 lumen Luxeon LED enjoys an entire life of 100,000 hrs. Not more bulb alternative with this Slim Beam Luxeon LED Headlamp Adjustable elastic headscarf Mild may also be tilted up and down as wanted Surprise and water-proof Slim Beam Luxeon LED Headlamp Powered by means of three-AAA dimension batteries (no longer integrated) 5 hrs. robust brightness throughout 8hrs. operating time Order Qty of 1 = 1 Piece Under is extra data on our LED Headlamp

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