JaaU UV LED Flashlight 51 LED Scorpion Detector Finder Ultra Violet Blacklight

This flashlight can be utilized as a UV mild supply to treatment LOCA glue for phone glass, digitizer, and LCD monitor assemblies. Alternatively it’s supposed just for spot curing. You should still want both a devoted curing lamp or vibrant solar mild for complete curing. This additionally can be utilized for cash detection, glass holiday detection, insects/insect detection, minerals looking, automotive air situation fluid leaking take a look at, and different tenting, mountain climbing outside actions. Emblem New with a white field packaging Makes use of 3 AA batteries, NOT incorporated. Shell: Aluminum development, with knurled grip Head Diameter : 2.25″ or 57 mm (Quilt a bigger house) Frame Diameter : 1.forty two” or 36 mm Period : 5.eighty” or 147 mm LED: 51 prime-energy UV LED UV Wave Period: 390 ~ 395nm LED Lifespan: 100,000 hours UV Glue LOCA Spot Curing Tip: After gluing the glass, position the flashlight at the most sensible of every nook and the middle for 30 seconds every. Then position the cellular phone below an entire UV curing lamp for the desired mins or vibrant daylight for one hour.

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