EKA Viking Combi Compact Saw, Black with Black Handle, 21-Inch

Blade length 20.67″
Overall length 20.87″
Compact, and lightweight at 15.87 ounces

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The EKA Viking Combi 21″ Noticed is a compact gentle weight combi Noticed that may be absolute best on your day percent, instrument field, ATV/UTV, truck, and searching percent. Not more wishing you had a Noticed to chop a limb out of the way in which for that absolute best shot. While folded, it’s compact, protected and simple to hold. 3 other Noticed blades are built-in within the Noticed take care of and Appropriate for sawing picket, steel and meat.
Blade period 20.sixty seven”
Total period 20.87″
Compact, and light-weight at 15.87 oz
Contains 3 other Noticed blades built-in within the Noticed take care of
Appropriate for reducing steel, meat, and picket

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