[BENRI GOODS] in light of the high brightness LED with Tactical analog watch aluminum handy light premium set darkness!

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[Ultra-rugged] outside, Sabage, now not choose the surroundings from crisis to nighttime of DIY. [Bright] supplied with CREE made XP-E LED. Brightness three-degree switching 108 lumens, 60 lumens, it may be changed to fit the aim of use at 15 lumens. Additionally options additional SOS and strobe mode. [Convenient rechargeable high-output, built-in rechargeable battery of light weight. No need to replace batteries and can be charged in the micro-USB cable. 3 hours to full charge, irradiation time is 2 hours at High (standard). [Handy Light] Use battery: AA batteries x1 this (bought one after the other), the primary subject matter: airplane aluminum alloy water-proof serve as: IPX5 grade water-proof (lifestyles water-proof serve as) > Extra
We will be able to shipe from Tokyo, Japan
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